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ALL NEW! GPS Podcast - Season 3!

Barbershop Talk Special: Check out Dre Ervin, Charles Brown, Big Mike the Barber and Guest from HeadHunters Barbershop talk Micheal Jackson vs Prince, Colin Kapernick and Jay-Z and NBA's Top 5 All-time team.

S1EP4: Is DCEU making a comeback with its solo movies? What about the current women's empowerment movement in entertainment, is it sustainable? Who is the betta music talent competition on TV? And finally, let's talk Top 7 Energy Drinks in the Bizness!  

S1EP5: The DCEU is rollin! Aquaman is successful. Was Andre right about DC Movie Universe making a new charge against Marvel. Check this Out! 

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Love the creators of this page and the content is fun, exciting and engaging. keep it comin' guys!

Where an adult can be a kid........again! 😉

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Do people say that you have a childlike quality about you? Do you feel like your inner-child has been trapped inside of you or you just refuse to grow up all the way? This show will reunite you with your inner child and make you feel good about it. Providing some great stories, reviews, news, members interaction or just something to laugh about that will make your day.

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Click here to go to our "Where We Be At" page to see what Comic Cons or place that we will do our awesome show, interviews, and having some fun. We will take this GPS (Grownkids Podcast Show) on the road. Stay tuned!

Are You Over Stimulated From All of Knowledge that We Projected? Here's Some Zen Music for You to Ingratiate All of the Things We Said... And then      YOU WILL KNOW TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT!

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Latest Newz

MARCH 20 20 20 - The Grown Folkz Kids Show's GPS podcast show has an all-new season with fresh episodes!  (3-20-20)

Hey Everyone! New Vidcasts and Podcasts are here for a new season. Please Go to our video and/or podcast tab and see our new stuff, along with listen to our older stuff cuz it's still good!

Old Newz

The Grown Folkz Kids Show's GPS podcast show will be podcasting at 2019 SpoCon! (8-2-19)

The GPS crew will podast at the 2019 SpoCon August 9-11th at the Historic Davenport Hotel downtown Spokane, Washington. Stay tuned for the postings of the show. Go to Our PODCAST Page for updates!

The Grown Folkz Kids Show's GPS podcast show is now up and running! (5-14-19)

Check out our Podcast for a crazier and wackier sessions and topics that everyone will love. This is the wilder side of these two mama basement dudez. You can go to our PodCast Page on this site for more info and/or go straight to our Podcast Website to listen to audio-only podcast. You can also watch the VIDCAST on our Youtube site and on this site's Podcast Page. 


VIDCAST: Grown Folks Kids Show YouTube Channel

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The Grown Folkz Kids Show will be on its first TV station! (2-1-18)

How historic! We are airing our show on Spokane, Washington's local community station, CMTV Channel 14 - Community-Minded Television. Tune in every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on Spokane's local TV channel 14 at 6:30pm to catch our show!    CMTV FACEBOOK SITE

NorthWest production company Paradox release short film "Moon Knight." 


Hey folks, our crew attended the short film release party and the Movie & Dinner Theatre in Airway Heights, Washington on January 27th, 2019- Great food, Great social, Awesome folks, LOVED the atmosphere. Check out the link to Paradox's Film... Moon Knight! 


Check out MOON KNIGHT (fan film)   

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