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Welcome to the Grown Folkz Kids Show! This is a clean, fun & innovative talk show that's from a couple of grown-up fans of comics, movies, sports, entertainment & today's tough social issues. Even though we are a couple of grown dudes that is strong in our faith, taking care of our families, handling our business, but yet... Still keeping it kid! We tape the show from "MAMA'S BASEMENT" in Spokane, Washington and is in partnership with the local public television station, Community-Minded Television Channel 14 (CMTV14). 


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Back in 2009, Charles and Andre were hanging out downstairs in the basement watching WWE on the big screen. While they were relaxing, sitting on the couch, talking wrestling and sports, their wives came downstairs to make fun of them for being a couple grown nerdy kids. Andre and Charles were commenting on how lame a match was. Their wives thought they were being funny and should start a TV show. They all laughed about it and said, “Maybe one day.” But through many years of having kids, driving working tough jobs, mini vanning it from one practice to another and watching TV shows, after TV shows, after TV shows… They decided that it was time to do something new. 


Andre connected with his longtime friend, CMTV station manager Deshawn Bedford and talked to him about a show idea that he wanted to resurrect from the grave of fantasy show ideas. Deshawn loved the idea of a show spotlighting comics, sports, entertainment and things we would talk about (like social issues) around the dinner table and barbershop from a couple of regular dudes that take care of their families, work their jobs and still keep it kid. It would be like having four shows into one. Andre told Charles of the possibility of getting their own show on local TV. Charles, of course, was excited to make something happen. From there Andre, went back home to put together a show treatment and plan. He called the show, “The Grown Folkz Kids Show.” They contacted their buddy Cruz Rivera to join in as a guest host and arrange a time to start the show. They tape their first 2 pilots in the CMTV studio. It was enough success that CMTV wanted to them to produce more shows. 


CMTV called in a meeting with their TV manager Deshawn and program director Darren Mack, along with independent marketing & management businessman Kurt Schmierer and show producer Kat LaPorta to discuss future possibilities of the show. Andre and Charles built a home basement studio to start the production of the show. They used Charles’ vast collection of comics, toys and sport memorabilia to set the seen of their set. Once the show grew, the added a fun and wild podcast to go along with the GFKS and called it, “The Grown Folkz Kids Podcast Show’s GPS.” 


The GFKS show airs it’s show weekly on Spokane’s local TV channel 14 on three days a week from 6:30 to 7:00pm, along with a Vidcast and Show aring on the GFKS You Tube channel and weekly podcasts airing on popular podcast platforms like I-Tunes, I-Heart Radio, Podbean, Spreaker, and Spotify. The plans for future are to expand the show and brand throughout the nation and then global. 


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Andre Ervin Executive Producer, Show CreatorB.A. in Electronic Media Arts & Film with a Masters in Mental Health & Wellness With 15 years of producing experience in music, concerts, and media, along with community advocacy, education intervention and service in Christian and family outreach, Andre has been involved in a wide range of projects from organizing concerts and community events like festivals and events, to local sports camps and multiple media projects. In addition to Andre playing professional basketball overseas in his early playing days, he currently coaches high school basketball, general manages youth sports development camps and teams at the Catch Spokane sports organization ( in Spokane, Washington, so he may know a few X’s and O’s. Andre’s plan is to start a new media company that focuses on creating fun shows for everyone to enjoy- to shows that focuses on building community and families while bringing attention to mental health, wellness and spiritual restoration and support. 

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Charles Brown Co-Producer and Creator – B.S. in Military Science and certified HVAC technician He’s a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. He grew his love of all things history through research and experience, which includes biblical, entertainment, sports, music and military history. Along with being a former artist for DC Comics, Charles has been an avid comic book collector since the age of five. In Addition, he grew a deep inclusive and exclusive knowledge of the wrestling business due to having family members being part of the wrestling business. Having the ability to work with singers, connecting with local and some artist, Charles also has an in depth understanding of the music and the business of entertainment. Looking towards the future, Charles plans on showcasing his expertise on music, entertainment, media, comics and history on this new and upcoming show. He wants to spotlight fellow grown kids from that transformer-G.I. Joe-Pokemon generation to the media masses and fans and take this show to a new level.  

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