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Hey Yawlz, Thanks for entering our basement to watch what we do on our shows. We are back for more TV after the long and dreaded Covid halted every that everyone was doing. We made it through and we are back to doing what we love to do. So, before you watch SEASON 2, make sure you check out what did in SEASON 1. This page has all of SEASON 3 shows... Enjoy the show!


So go to our YOUTUBE channel to check out the full show- we will put fresh clips up as the come right out of the oven. 


Hey, check out these clips from show and let us know what you think. Don't forget to like our Facebook page and Subscribe to our Channel!


S3E15: Best MCU Film in Each Phase; Censorship in Hollywood; Best White Rappers; Top Snack Cakes


Hey Yo! What's up GK Nation! Let's talk about the best films in each of the phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have my pics. Also, let's talk about censorship in Hollywood, and is there cancel culture stuff going on? And where do the best white rappers fit in the all-time list? Oh, by the way, this top 7s is about the best snack cakes out there. Ok, take a view and let us know what you think.


S3E11: The Chadwick Boseman Dedication Show!!!


Hey there GK Nation! We are dedicating this show to the late and GREAT Chadwick Boseman. We are talking about what he meant to the role of being Black Panther and how accurate he was to the role; how much of an impact were his roles in Hollywood; where Bozeman ranks on the Hollywood acting list and where does Black Panther rank in All-Time Black Super Heroes. This is our tribute and I know yawlz will enjoy it!

S3E12: Mandalorian saved Star Wars?; Mental Health Issue in Sports; Dual Threat QBs; Top7 Koolaids          


GK NATION! What Up! Hey, let me ask you a question. Can the Mandalorian save the Star Wars Universe and what makes this show soooo awesome? How serious is mental health in sports and how do we approach the many issues that arise? In SPORTS, let's talk about the evolution of the DUAL THREAT QB in the NFL. And Finally... TOP 7 flavored KOOL-AID of ALL-TIME!!! I know folks have something to say about that. Take a listen and subscribe!

S3E13: AEW or WWE; Lack of Innocence in TV Shows?; Best NBA Dynasties; Best Tag Teams (2010-20)


Yo Yo Yo GK Nation! Let think about this... What can AEW do to compete with the WWE? Also in ENTERTAINMENT, do family shows teach good family core values these days compared to yesteryears... Yes or No or maybe societal standards change too much to make a judgment. In SPORTS, what are the best NBA Dynasties? In TOP 7s, what are the BEST TAG TEAMS in wrestling in the past decade (2010-2020)- this is a real fun one! Take a listen and subscribe to our fun show.

S1E14: Da GAMERZ SHOW: PS5 VS Xbox Series X; Pros & Cons of Certain Video Games; Time Investment                        


Oh, Snaps! We'z be doin' a "GAMERZ SHOW" featuring Travis Alexanders (AKA It's A Gamer) and Darrien Mack (AKA Rose Throw)! We are only talking about Video games and consoles on this one like... Is the PS5 betta than the XBOX Series X? What are the Pros and Cons of playing games that you like, with or without people, shooting and sports games, or online gaming or not? Hey, how much time do you invest in video games? Should you put that much time into it? This is some serious discussion... at least in the gamers world lol. Hey, take a listen, subscribe and share! Thanks!

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