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Welcome to our podcast page. Every week we will post our weekly podcast for our GK Nites to follow. We will talk about our five core topics- Comics, Movies, Social Stuff, Sports and Entertainment. Howeva... our podcasts will go further into the topics, be a little more engaging and unpredictable. We will have a variety of special guest and promise that we will bring the candy that yawlz ears need!!! Remember... We are grown men that is strong in our faith; we take care of our families; and we beez a clean show! We want to provide entertainment for everyone's ears. So enjoy and we hope you become a fan- I mean a GK Nite. Now let's listen to some goood stuff and keep it KID!!!

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GPS VIDCAST - Straight up Wrestling Talk with Ben Trigsted

S1VC4: Straight up Wrestling Talk w Ben Trigsted from Cascade Championship Wrestling          

Yo GK Nitez! It is time to talk some wrastlin' with Cascade Championship Wrestling's Ben Trigsted. What is the current state of wrestling? It's about Raw, Smackdown, NXT, AEW & TNA downfall. Is the booking falling down the tubes? Is it time for the Becky Lynch run to end? What's the state of women wrestlers? All of these questions need some answering. Well, listen to this Vidcast. We guarantee that it will be interesting! Plus, talk about a new up and coming wrestling promo CCW (Cascade Championship Wrestling). Let's Dive Folks!!!

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